Water Communion: This year’s date has been set: September 22nd, so start collecting your water for this service. It can be from your vacation, from a favorite place in the area, any special body of water or symbolic of a special place.

The Phase 2 Task Force (U2P2) has issued an urgent call for the return of the

hexagonal stickers that will decorate one wall of the children’s room. Only half of the

one hundred that were distributed have been returned. And that’s not enough to

complete the intended design.

See, here’s the thing. Those hexes were a special run and are proving difficult to

replace. So look for it around the house, underneath those papers on the desk, or

(Gasp!) in the trash. Write something pithy on it, then bring it on Sunday. If you’re not

feeling creative, return it blank - there’s a No Fault return policy. Or just leave it on

someone else’s chair after the service.

But please, try to find it. It really does matter.

Contact Christina Marshen if you have questions.

Rev. Charlie has announced that Fourth Friday Family Fellowship (“4F”), the

multi-generational gathering scheduled for July 26th has been cancelled due to the

construction. It will resume on the third Friday of every month beginning August 16.

Social Justice Ministry has started a DIAPER - BABY FOOD DRIVE for RCS. RCS has requested only larger size diapers: sizes 4, 5, and 6. We kindly ask that you place these items in the pink buckets found near the two main doors. They also prefer all food items be in non breakable containers. We will end this collection Labor Day Weekend so feel free to bring your donations until September 2. Thank you for your participation.