Our Children's Program

Using basic lessons in character development, we are able to accommodate children of all ages in our Sunday Program.

We understand the importance of developing a strong inner self. Lessons are structured using current brain research and data by our director, a 40+-year educator, and incorporate literature, nonfiction, current events and guest presenters. 

Hands on activities allow us to monitor each child's progress. 

Music movement allow a smooth transition between activities, and they can enhance each child's sense of being at home in a safe, fun, risk free environment.   

As a small, diverse community with varied interests and talents, we are able to model Real-life lessons of good character and explorations of culture.  In our own search to create a better world and as we search to help each other find it, who better than us to mentor our children by modeling good citizenship. 

The goal of "our village" is to equip our younger members with the skill set necessary to leave this earth a better place than they found it. Please join us, or just come see our Children's Room in motion.

 All are invited and welcome.


Our children's program focuses on developing these character traits:

  • respect

  • responsibility

  • kindness

  • perseverance

  • self-discipline

  • honesty

  • fairness

to help youth with their journey to understanding their world and their place in it.