Our Music

Have you felt it? The hush that falls over a crowd after a wonderful performance, just before the applause bursts forth? The feeling of transcendence as voices rise together, filling a space with a favorite song? A rhythm that seems to sink bone-deep into people’s bodies and then bursts forth in movement, from toe-tapping to exuberant dance? The surprising tears that well when an image or sound or smell reminds you of someone or some place you love? -Sean Parker Dennison

Music is at the core of our community and has always been an integral part of our service. It transforms the energy of worship in ways that connect us to Spirit, and to one another.


Judy Harrison


Themed music and singing are incorporated in the weekly Order of Service, with hymns for the congregation selected by the worship leaders for relevance to the service. And the pulpit is regularly reserved for services with music itself as the theme.

We are especially blessed to have as our Music Director, Judy Harrison, a storied professional with a gift for inspiring our choir to deliver remarkable performances, and for her tireless work in selecting and preparing the instrumental pieces that set the mood for the service. The goal is to enhance the spiritual self by demonstrating the wholeness that comes from bringing communicated feelings to the worship experience.

Qui bene cantat bis orat” (They who sing pray twice.)—St. Augustine